2020 Holds Many Learning Opportunities at Buccaneer

2020 Holds Many Learning Opportunities at Buccaneer

As a Board of Directors member and the Safety & Training Coordinator at Buccaneer Gun Club for the past 7 years, Tami Hahn takes her job very seriously. As an NRA-certified Instructor in Basic Pistol and Rifle, NC Concealed Carry Instructor, and Range Safety Officer for both the NRA and the International Defensive Pistol Association, she sees club safety as her number one priority. In 2014, she undertook a major project by writing the first ever BGC Members Manual, sometimes jokingly called the Buccaneer bible. With comprehensive guidelines about what can (and can’t) be shot at each range and specifics on the safety rules at the club, it has served as a guide to all new members ever since.

Offering opportunities for training is also a major priority for her. Each year she holds classes for club members, their families and BGC guests such as Basic Pistol, Concealed Carry, Youth Rifle and NRA Women on Target, which she founded the Wilmington chapter of in 2017. She firmly believes that our children and women hold the key to the future of the shooting sports. When she teaches a class, she makes sure they understand both the privilege and responsibility of owning a firearm and teaches them that maintaining our 2nd Amendment rights is critical to preserving the special place that the shooting sports hold in our American heritage.

Tami working with a group of Basic Pistol students.

For 2020, Tami is working with the Board of Directors to plan the most opportunities for education at the club yet. Classes will include her usual annual offerings of Basic Pistol on Feb. 29th and Concealed Carry on March 28th. In addition, she will be coordinating a 2 day Basic Skeet Clinic this Spring offered by certified NSSA Shotgun Instructors Frank Hassell and Hart Steuhmer, a special 2 hour Gunshot Wound/Emergency First Aid and Automatic External Defibrillator class on May 9th taught in conjunction with the Emergency Medical Services Department of Brunswick County, a 2 hour Legal Review Update class on May 23rd for current Concealed Carry Holders, a summer Youth Rifle Clinic with fellow Instructors George Valsame and Jim Smith, and a Fall Women On Target event.

Lead by Tami and a team of 16 certified volunteer Instructors and Range Safety Officers, NRA Women On Target participants spend a day learning basic gun safety and operation in a supportive, fun atmosphere.

She is also very excited to be in the early planning stages of the first ever annual BGC Fall Family Fun Day which will feature fun shooting stages and target stations at each of the clubs ranges to allow members and their families to come out for some fun and fellowship as they try their hand at things like Cowboy Action Shooting, IMHSA steel silhouette, Action Pistol on a moving target, an International Defensive Pistol Association stage, Skeet, 5 stand and more. Tentatively planned for September 26th, the 5 hour event will also feature fun games for the kids and end with an old-fashioned family cookout of burgers and hot dogs at the Skeet Pavilion.

For more information on attending or helping out with any of the above events, please contact Tami at