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The Legal Eagle-Dec. 2019

Month: December 2019

The Legal Eagle-Dec. 2019

Hi all! Welcome to the inaugural installment of The Legal Eagle. This is a space where I will do my best to update you, the members of Buccaneer Gun Club, on issues that we, as firearm enthusiasts and supporters of the Second Amendment, want and need to be aware of. My name is Tony Huskey. […]

Local Gun Club Works to Promote Firearm Safety & Education

January 26, 2020 Buccaneer gun Club was founded here in the Wilmington region by a small group of local hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts in 1947. In the beginning, they had little more than a borrowed field and a firm belief in the principles of good sportsmanship. In the 60 years since that time, the […]

BGC Member Spotlight – Lon Layton

Lon Layton, BGC member since 2007 You are a new shooter who just got his Concealed Carry permit and wants to learn more so you sign up for your first International Defensive Pistol Association match. On your first stage, you are told to imagine you are closing up at your family-owned jewelry shop. As you […]