BGC Membership

New Member Information

We are sorry, but BUCCANEER GUN CLUB is NOT accepting new membership applications at this time. For those already on the Waiting List from a previous year’s application, please remember you will need to submit a NEW application renewal form EACH YEAR YOU REMAIN ON THE WAITING LIST. Failure to have your completed application renewal form in the hands of  (NOT post-marked by) the Membership Director by December 31st each year that you remain on the waiting list, will drop your name from the waiting list rolls.


Applying for BGC Membership
(Requirements & Costs)

Membership Applications

Due to our extensive waiting list, membership applications are NOT being accepted at this time. Those applications that were already submitted and reached the Membership Chairman’s hands prior to the Dec. 31st deadline will be processed for consideration. Applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee, and recommended to the general membership for a vote at the January meeting. They are then processed through a double-blind lottery to determine the order in which applicants are inducted into BGC. The number of new members inducted in February is determined by the number of dropouts from the previous year, as there is a membership cap for the club. Those individuals not inducted will receive a letter or email notification advising them that if they wish to maintain their position on the Waiting List, they need to submit a new application. Recommendation by a current BGC member (Sponsor) is required and it is mandatory that an applicant visit the club with his/her sponsor prior to submission of an application. The Sponsor must sign the application verifying that a visit to BGC was made by the applicant.

Membership Applications

Membership Application Form

If you are ALREADY ON THE WAITING LIST and need to complete your annual “renewal of application for membership” to BGC, please click on the Application link below. You may fill in the form online, but you will still need to print it at home and then schedule an annual visit to with your sponsoring member so they can sign off on your application. Re-application forms must be completed and in the hands of the Membership Chairman (not just postmarked) by December 31st each year to remain on the waiting list. 

If you are NOT already on the waiting list, please do not request or  submit an application at this time. No applications are being accepted until further notice. Thank you.


New Members Fees and Requirements

$500 initiation; $300 annual dues

You will also need proof of membership in the National Rifle Association. Buccaneer Gun Club members are required to belong to the National Rifle Association. This is mandated by club by-laws.

Existing Member Fees and Requirements

$300 dues annually

In addition to the annual dues amount, participation in two club workdays per year is required. If a member elects to skip workdays they will be assessed $80 for each missed workday. Members must also certify proof of current NRA membership and sign their Range Safety Certification and Liability Waiver forms when renewing membership.

Waiting List Reminder

Waiting list reminder-if you have a CURRENT application in with BGC and have already been placed on the club waiting list, you must renew your membership application and have it in the hands of the Membership Chairman by Dec. 31st of each year you are on the list. Failure to do so will remove your name from the list.