Club Store Policy & Procedure

BGC provides an Ammo, Component & Reloading Supply Store with a minimum inventory purchased at wholesale and sold at cost to the members (cost includes tax and does not require members to pay shipping or hazard fees). Dates & Times of store openings and available onsite inventory will be published via Email and the Bulletin Boards in the Main Club House and the Skeet Pavilion. Our wholesale supplier is Crow Shooting Supply via the website

When looking online, please note, the prices you will see on the website are retail (you will pay less if ordered through BGC) and the inventory may not fully reflect what is in the Crow warehouse. The warehouse in Salem actually has more items and a better inventory than what you will find at the web site. DO NOT place an order directly via the website, because you will not get wholesale pricing and you will have to pay the hazard fee and shipping.


All orders must be filled out on the BGC Club Store Order Form and placed in one of the two the Club Store Boxes located in the Main Club House and the Skeet Pavilion. Order forms can be found in the plastic “Forms” file box in the main clubhouse, via the link in the emails, or downloaded for our website at Orders will be picked up from the boxes at the club regularly after the first notification email goes out. When the orders are close to meeting the minimum shipping quota, the club store manager will notify members of a closing date for that order period via club email. At this time, if you have placed an order earlier and need something else, you can fill out a second order form and they will combine them.

When ordering, use the Crow web site’s item Description and their Factory Code Number for each item that you are requesting. If you use a wrong code number you will take what you order and must accept the item. Also, be sure to fill out the top of the form completely, so that we will be able to contact you if you have any questions.

Ordering specifics:

  • Powder is ordered by the 1 lb, 4 lb, and 8 lb quantities.
  • Primers by 1000 per box.
  • Wads by the bag minim of five bags.
  • Shot by the bag.
  • Shot Gun Shells are priced by the box and are sold by the case only (10 boxes to the case).

PICK-UP AND PAYMENT: Pick up time and date for orders will be announced via club Email .It is mandatory that you pick up your order at the announced time. If you are unable to make it, you must arrange for someone to pick it up for you.

All orders must be paid by check. Checks are to be made out to Buccaneer Gun Club.

We have a drive-thru pick up at the metal warehouse storage building located across from the 50-yard multi-purpose range. You will enter the building on the left and exit on the right.