November 2002 Newsletter       



MONDAY November 11, 2002 - 6:15 P.M. to eat and 7:00 P.M. to meet at the Sweetwater Café

Upcoming Events Saturday, November 2 Club Workday - 8:00 A.M. Sunday, November 10 Smoked Turkey Open, Skeet - 1:00 P.M. Monday, November 11 Club Meeting - 7:00 P.M. at Sweetwater Café Saturday, November 23 Cowboy Action Match - 9:00 A.M.

Upcoming Events in December 2002 Sunday, December 8 Ho-Ho-Ho Open, Skeet - 1:00 P.M. Monday, December 9 Club Meeting - 7:00 P.M. at Sweetwater Café

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: (Sholar Powell and Secretary) All members are requested to destroy Membership Applications in their possession that do not reflect REV. 9/25/02 on the form.



START OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 10/14/02 Meeting The meeting was called to order at the Sweetwater Café by President Mark Bradler at 7:00 P.M.

The minutes of the last meeting (August 12, 2002), as appearing in the September 2002 newsletter, were approved.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Skeet David Merrill advised there were 12 shooters at the match and John Gallagher shot a 50. David had a historical skeet jacket on display and is aware of some original shooting prints. Discussion regarding the possibility of obtain such items for display at the clubhouse.

Action Pistol Ray Campbell advised that 4 or 5 guys shot and 1 man was a visitor who has shot at the match in the past. Discussion regarding the visiting shooters at matches. This is possibly due to the match information being posted on various web sites.

Training An inquiry has been made for training of 7 Boy Scouts (plus the Scoutmaster's wife) to get certified so they can obtain a Merit Badge. Harold told them there would be a charge of $15 per shooter and they indicated they needed to think it over. Three people want to have a Concealed Carry Course. Discussion. Harold advised the course cost $65.00 and you have to complete the NRA Basic Pistol Course first. An experienced shooter can complete the requirements in 1 day whereas a novice shooter will take 2 days.

Cowboy They had 14 shooters at the last match which included a couple of ladies plus a shooter from Charlotte. It was a good match. The next match is October 26th.

OLD BUSINESS: Don Sloop He has not found a logger to take the burned trees due to the limited number of burned trees.

The Green Wings Shoot was not held on 9/26 so he would like to reserve 1 skeet field on 10/26/02 between 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. Approved - no opposition.

Vice President Mike English would like to have the Scouts at the club on Saturday, 10/19. Needs to be firmed up and nothing is scheduled at the club on that date. Approved - no opposition.

President A letter of appreciation was sent to the club by BSA Troop 215, St. Mark's Catholic Church, for allowing them to use the club. Discussion.

The newsletter reported that BSA Troop 242, Wrightsville Beach, would like to use the club on Saturday, December 7th. Approved - no opposition.

Ray Campbell The Friends of the NRA event had a record attendance of 375 people. The club won a Sponsor Prize which was the nicest gun in the Sponsor's Drawing. The gun was then auctioned off, to benefit the event, and the winning bid of $1250.00 exceed the cost of the gun. They grossed about 25% more than last year which is good as in some areas there has been a decline. This increase may translate into more grants for this area however in the past this area has received more grant money than the event raised for the NRA. Discussion.

NEW BUSINESS: Don Sloop He would like to get a bulldozer to take down the trees burned in the forest fire. At the same time he would like to make an area suitable for the Boy Scouts to use for camping. The only cost to the club would be for the fuel for the bulldozer. He would need a bulldozer operator and a club member will get workday credit. Discussion. Approved - no opposition.

Secretary Dale Lear motioned, 2nd by Don Sloop, "That club meetings be held year round in town with the meeting location being at the discretion of the President." Discussion. Motion passed unanimously.

John Scott would like to set up a 5 man team skeet and trap shoot as per the handout he provided. Discussion. This shoot could be held on the same day as the club shoot. John requested a copy of the handout be put into the newsletter. If interested contact John Scott (910/675-9357).

Secretary A draft 2003 Calendar of Events will be ready at the next meeting. Inputs are requested.

President If you know of things that need to be done at our last workday next month please let the Vice President know. Two (2) workdays are mandatory for all club members under 60 years of age.

Lon Downing Presented written proposed amendments to Article V and Article III to the President.

Robert Neal Sought information on the position of the Candidates for Sheriff in connection with facilitation of obtaining Concealed Carry Permit renewals. Discussion.

Vice President Members need to keep the clubhouse clean, especially the bathrooms, and the trash cans need to be emptied when full. When you observe these conditions members need pitch in an help out. The trash cans are to be dumped into the dumpster. Discussion. It cost $72.44 each time the dumpster is emptied so make sure you flatten boxes before discarding them.

We are paying for a telephone line to the clubhouse however the pay telephone stolen in the burglary was not recovered by the police. Recommendation that we have the phone line taken out. Discussion. Approved - no opposition.

Secretary Don Sloop advised he will provide an old cell phone from which you can place 911 calls for free. If you make any other calls you will need credit card number to give the operator when she asks.

Vice President Dues will be sent out in December so members lacking workdays or having skeet accounts in arrears need to take note.

ATTENDANCE: 26 which included 2 Probationary Members and 1 guest.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 P.M.

END OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 10/14/02 Meeting.

BUCCANEER GUN CLUB DRAFT FOR 2003 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Jan Sat. 11 Dog Trials Sun. 12 Mid-winter Open, Skeet Mon. 13 Club Meeting Sat. 18 Cowboy Action Match

Feb Sat. 8 BSA Troop 220 (M. English) Sun. 9 Valentine Open, Skeet Mon. 10 Club Meeting Sat. 15 New Member Orientation Sat. 15 Cowboy Action Match Sat. 22 Dog Trials BSA (inclement weather date)

Mar Sat. 1 Club Workday Sat. 8 Big Bore Silhouette Match Sun. 9 Springtime Open, Skeet Mon. 10 Club Meeting Sat. 15 Cowboy Action Match Sat. & Sun.15-16 March Winds Open, NSSA Skeet, Skeet Fields Reserved Th,Fri&Sat20-22 Dog Trials Sat. 22 .22 Field Pistol

Apr Sat. 12 Big Bore Silhouette Match Sun. 13 Tax Break Open Skeet Mon. 14 Club Meeting Sat. 19 Cowboy Action Match Sat. 26 .22 Field Pistol Sun. 27 Action Pistol Match

May Sat. 3 Club Workday Sat. 10 Big Bore Silhouette Match Mon. 12 Club Meeting Sat. 17 Cowboy Action Match Sun. 18 Summer Warm Up Open, Skeet Sat. 24 .22 Field Pistol Sun. 25 Action Pistol Match

June Sun. 8 School's Out Open, Skeet Mon. 9 Club Meeting Sat. 14 Big Bore Silhouette Match Sat. 21 Cowboy Action Match Sun. 22 Action Pistol Match Sat. 28 .22 Field Pistol

July Sat. 12 Big Bore Silhouette Match Sun. 13 Independence Open, Skeet Mon. 14 Club Meeting Sat. 19 Cowboy Action Match Sat. 26 .22 Field Pistol Sun. 27 Action Pistol Match

Aug Sat. 2 Club Workday Sat. 9 Big Bore Silhouette Match Sun 10 Summertime Open, Skeet Mon. 11 Club Meeting Sat. 16 Cowboy Action Match Sat. 23 .22 Field Pistol Sun. 24 Action Pistol Match

Sept Mon. 8 Club Meeting Sun. 14 Back-to-School Open, Skeet Sat. 20 Cowboy Action Match Sun. 28 Action Pistol Match

Oct Sun. 12 Dove Season Open, Skeet Mon. 13 Club Meeting Sat. 18 Cowboy Action Match Sun. 26 Action Pistol Match

Nov Sat. 1 Club Workday Sun. 9 Smoked Turkey Open, Skeet Mon. 10 Club Meeting Sat. 15 Cowboy Action Match

Dec Mon. 8 Club Meeting Sun. 14 Ho-Ho-H open, Skeet

Matches are open to the public. Call Match Directors listed in the Club Newsletter for information on matches. Club meetings start at 7:00 P.M. Skeet Matches start at 1:00 PM. Big Bore Matches start at 10:00 AM. Cowboy Action Matches start at 9:00 A.M. Action Pistol Matches start at 12 Noon (except July and August when start time is 9:00 AM) .22 Field Pistol Matches start at 10:00 A.M.

Two (2) workdays are mandatory for all Club Members under 60 years old. Workdays start at 8:00 A.M.

For additions or corrections call Dale Lear at 686-2418 or E-mail at

DRAFT 11/3/02

OCTOBER COWBOY MATCH: (Ray Campbell) Regulator Gazette October 26, 1897

HeadLine: Stranger Ends Dick Holliday's Rein of Terror: A stranger road quietly into town for the October Posse. He went by the handle of Deputy Gene. He stopped by the Hard Times Saloon and after a couple of drinks proceeded to blow away all the competition for stage one. After watching Deputy Gene's fancy shooting on stage one Dick Holliday (an aging Regulator gunfighter) and the rest of the posse knew they had their work cut out for them if they were going to keep up. Before the smoke cleared from the October Posse Deputy, Gene had to leave so before the scores were totaled up Holliday awarded him a First Place pin since there was no doubt as to the match winner.

HeadLine: Regulator Women Enjoy a Roll in the Hay: Missalot Missy and Notorious Nora both had hay in their hair after stage two. The stage required the Cowgirls to start shooting the pistol and shotgun from the horse and then dismounting and running over and taking cover behind the hay bails. The long range rifle was fired at five Pigaloes and the Western Zebra through a four inch gap between the hay bails. To score points for the Western Zebra the cowgirls had to shoot a head shot. I seem to recollect that both ladies scored the hit. Missalot edged out Notorious for the stage but Notorious Nora got the award for having the most hay in her hair.

As always there were a few memorable moments from the match. Holliday had a massive rifle jam on stage four and he tried to use the jam as an excuse for losing the match but when the club score keeping firm of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe figured the scores it was determined that if Holliday had shot the stage in one second rather than 47 seconds that Deputy Gene would still have cleaned Holliday's clock. It should also be noted that Gunsmoke also beat Holliday for the first time (Officially). Gunsmoke had claimed a victory a year or so ago but after an audit of the scores (by Holliday) Holliday claimed the win. By the way, Gunsmoke's Norinco 97 which puked at last months match was repaired by Gunsmoke with some Spearmint glue and some bailing wire and held together to help him beat Holliday.

Doc Clock maintained his conservative shooting style and dead eye accuracy to claim the victory over the other Senior cowboys. Lonesome Larry didn't like the handle that Holliday gave him a few years ago and has changed his name to Col. Case Hardin.

Scores went as follows: First Flight: Deputy Gene, Gunsmoke, Dick Holliday, Mad Dog, Col. Case Hardin.... Second Flight: Decon Dave, Slow Hand, Carbine Kid, Silverado, Haight Ladies: Missalot Missy, Notorious Nora. Seniors Cardiac Care Posse: Doc Clock, Tom Two Times, Tom Two Feathers, Idaho Spud, Blacksmith

We had 18 shooters at this months posse which I think may be a record by one or two shooters. It was a real treat to have Deputy Gene show up and show us how to really play the game. After he left I heard someone say "Who was that masked man" but he really didn't wear a mask. The next years gun club calendar looks like the Cowboy matches will held on the third Saturday so you can be sure when they are. November's match is scheduled for the 23rd so we hope you can attend. To keep up with cowboy shooting in the area you can look at or look at Deputy Gene's site at Thanks to all that attended this months fracas and as always..........Take a kid shooting.......Ned Bluntline

DUES ALERT: Dues notifications and work day assessments will be sent out with the December newsletter. Members who receive the newsletter by e-mail will receive a December newsletter via mail. All members are reminded that if your dues payment is not received by the club (in the hands of the club and not in the U.S. mail) by midnight January 31, 2003 your membership will be terminated and your name dropped from the rolls.

"5-Man Team Skeet and Trap Shoot"

WHAT: Combo skeet and trap tournament, 50 bird trap (16 yd. Singles) 50 bird skeet, 5 man team event. A total of 3 shoots, one each at "Kelly Sportsman Club," "Lejeune Recreational Shooting Club" and the final shoot at the "Buccaneer Gun Club."

HOW: Each club will provide a group of shooters for each event, hopefully more than five, to represent their club. (Shooters with dual club membership shall choose a club to represent before the first event and shall remain with that club throughout all three events.)

SCORING: The combined skeet & trap scores for each event will be used to determine the 5-man team for each club for that event. The total score of each 5-man team representing his or her club will be used to determine the HOA Team Champion.

Each club will designate a team captain for each event to act as shoot management, verify scores, determine their 5-man team, settle tied scores and sign the event score sheet.

AWARDS: Individual 5-man team winners for each event will receive an award at the completion of that event. Also, following the completion of event # 3 to be held at the Buccaneer Gun Club, awards will be presented to the HOA 5-man champion team; HOA skeet champion & HOA trap champion (based on their 3 event aggregate scores).

RULES: This is a non-registered shoot, but it will be shot according to NSSA/ATA rules. (If anyone knows the ATA rules).

COST: $20.00 entry fee per event including targets (which we recommend each club charge $3.00 per round for targets).

WHEN: To be determined! (Suggest this be a Sunday event and concluded during the winter months).

Food & drinks to follow awards presentations at the BGC.

Please contact: John Scott 18055 NC Hwy 210 Rocky Point, NC 28457 Phone: 910-675-9357 Evenings Only

D. Lon Downing presented the following proposed changes to the Constitution and the By-Laws of the club:

Amendment to Article III. OFFICERS of the Constitution

SECTION B. The club shall retain the power of vacating the place of any officer, or any member of the executive committee, by a vote of a majority of all the members of the club.

SECTION C. To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law, no member of the Executive Committee, or any officer of the club shall have any personal liability arising out of any action or inaction taken by them in their capacity as a member of the Executive Committee and/or officer of the club.

(Secretary's Note: Article III identifies the officers as President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasure and that this body of officers form the Executive Committee and Nominating Committee. Therefore the "or any officer of the club" and "and/or officer of the club" may be redundant and not necessary.)

Amendments to Article V of the By-Laws

Members can propose a candidate for membership in the Buccaneer Gun Club by an application that is signed by five (5) club members.

The applicant will have had visited the Club property as a guest of a current member, at least three (3) times during the previous year.

The applicant will be proposed to the Membership Committee for review and approval.

If the applicant's application for membership is denied by the Membership Committee, it is to be brought to the attention of the sponsoring members for their review. If the sponsoring members feel that the applicant has been wrongly denied, all five sponsors have to agree to bring the application before the club at the next scheduled meeting. At such time, the club, by majority vote can uphold the Membership Committee's opinion or override it. After which standard probationary guidelines prevail.

Probationary members can be accepted during the year, if membership slots are available. These probationary applicants will be proposed to the Membership Committee as stated in Article V. These probationary members will pay their full initiation fee that is required of all new applicants and a prorated annual fee for the balance of the year. An initial balance paid on their skeet accounts will be required to obtain a key to the skeet fields. The Membership Committee or their designate will schedule the new member orientation during the next scheduled workday. All accounts will be due on that day and prorated from that date.

Expulsion & Suspension

The Executive Committee may, by the vote of the whole committee, may suspend or expel a member for conduct which shall be considered detrimental to the welfare, interest, or character of the club. When charges for any offense, or for any violation or infraction of the provisions of the Constitution and/or By-Laws, the member shall be notified in writing within three (3) days. At the member's request an appeal to the committee can be made and brought before the club. The appeal can be made to the club members at the next meeting by the appellant. At which time he can make a statement to the charges and withdraw from the meeting. The club shall confirm, modify or override the decision of the Executive Committee.