December 2001 Newsletter


Monday December 10, 2001 - 6:15 P.M. to eat and 7:00 P.M. to meet at Sweetwater Café (formerly Wednesdays Deli), 5559 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC.

Upcoming Events

Sunday December 9 Ho-Ho-Ho Open, Skeet - 1:00 P.M.
Monday December 10 Club Meeting - 7:00 P.M.

Upcoming Events in January 2002

Saturday January 12 Dog Trials
Sunday January 13 Mid-winter Open, Skeet - 1:00 P.M.
Monday January 14 Club Meeting - 7:00 P.M.
Saturday January 19 Cowboy Action Match - 9:00 A.M.


You are receiving your annual dues notification and work day assessments with this newsletter. The annual dues for the club are $160.00 per year. If you are not a current NRA member the club uses $35.00 of your $160.00 dues payment to sign you up for NRA membership. If you are a current NRA member you receive a $35.00 discount on your dues however you need to include either a copy of your NRA member card or the mailing label from a current NRA magazine along with your $125.00 payment. Club members under 60 years of age are required to complete two work days each calendar year. Work days are valued at $80.00 each and if you do not complete the work day requirement you will be assessed $80.00 for each work day missed. The dues and workday assessment are payable on December 1. If your payment has not been received by the Club (in the hands of the Club and not in the U.S. mail) by midnight January 31 your membership will be terminated and your name dropped from the rolls. If you intend to renew your membership in Buccaneer, please have your payment in before the January 31st deadline.


Skeet They had a good shoot with 16 shooters, 3 of whom were new. Skeet field # 1 is down as the machine failed after the match. 

Action Pistol Ray Campbell advised they had a good shoot as reported in the November Newsletter.

Big Bore Matches are done for this year and will resume in March. 

Cowboy Had a good shoot at different targets and 13 or so shot. A report will be in the next newsletter.

Training Meeting with a person this week to firm up a Basic Pistol Course for 30 people on December 13 & 15. VP McGonigal advised that the NRA is swamped with training request. 

B. Murrell MGy Sgt David Miller brought 14 JROTC students from Hoggard High School to the club and one parent also came. MGy Sgt Miller has to meet specific guidelines before the students can come to the club to shoot. There is incentive for the students to participate. There are pictures and a movie of this activity on the web site. Bill asked a member of each discipline to report on their interaction with the students. Ray Campbell advised they shot the last Cowboy Match and they had a good time. Fred Welfare noted the students did remarkably well shooting skeet. Tom Mix, who brought a collection of pistols according to some of our members, noted the students seemed to think bigger was better. They were well disciplined regarding sight pictures and safety. The young women seemed to have better concentration than the guys. Don Sloop admitted that a young girl and one of the guys out shot him from the bench rest. He also noted the girls did well at this discipline also.

Vice President There was a large group at the workday. The berms were worked on, plumbing problems were fixed, the pump was repaired and a spare pump filter is in the pump house. The key to the pump house is on the breaker box in the kitchen. If you use the pump filter please tell the Vice President so we can get a spare filter so we always have a filter on hand. 

Bill Murrell The 100 yard berm was redone, the 200 and 300 yard berms were moved and the 400 yard berm was built. The 200 yard berm needs a dog leg berm added to it to prevent any ricochets. Bill presented one idea for a downrange warning system to alert anyone approaching the shooting line that someone is down range even though they may not be visible. Discussion.

MGy Sgt Miller has planned a 3 day Gun/Gun Safety camp at UNCW next summer as a Hoggard High School credit course. The facilities have been donated for this and Don has volunteered to help. MGy Sgt Miller is trying to get this curriculum into other area schools. Discussion.

Bill Poteat donated the backhoe which was used for the road and berm work. He has other equipment that he will allow us to us for work at the club. We furnish the fuel to operate the equipment. Discussion.

Jack Flack On the 1st of December the USO at 2nd and Orange will hold an Open House from 2 PM to 5 PM. This building, except for the front door being moved over a couple of feet, remains unchanged from when in use in World War II.

Bill Murrell Does the club want it's own web site? The cost would be between $250 and $300. Discussion. Bill will look into this and get back to us with the information.


ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 P.M.

END OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for 11/12/01 Meeting.


                                                                                        Regulator Gazette 

                                                                                                October 29, 1897

Pard Pickett Saves Sheriff Taylor From Lynching

Deputy Pard Pickett was just riding into down when he heard a serious ruckus from behind the jail. He pulled his rifle (which only had five rounds left in it) and looked around the corner of the jail just in time to see the leader of the Johnson Gang (Big Johnson) swat Sheriff Taylor's horse with his hat. It took Deputy Pickett less than a second to realize that the Sheriff was being lynched and the Sheriff's life depended upon his ability to shoot the rope in two. He rested the rifle on the corner of the jail and let shot #1 cut the night air. It hit the rope but did not part it so the good sheriff was still swinging and gasping. Shot #2 didn't hit the rope (as the Sheriffs life was passing before his eyes). Shot #3 was the magic as it parted the rope and the sheriff hit the ground. Deputy Pickett then gave Big Johnson the last two shots from his rifle for good measure. Pard then routed the rest of the gang with pistol and shotgun fire. Sheriff Taylor plans to give Pard a commendation for his action and also a gift certificate to the Dick Holliday School of Rope Shooting and Ballroom Dancing so that maybe next time he'll get the rope on the first shot.....

Deputy Gunsmoke Takes a Snooze

Deputy Gunsmoke awoke from a snooze in the jail only to find he had a big knot on his head and he was handcuffed to the jail bars. He could hear the prisoners heading out the back door with most of the jails arsenal. Thinking quickly (for once) he took a coat hanger and was able to reach the handcuff key and get loose from the cuffs. Taking what guns he could find in the jail he ran outside to do battle with the escapees. After a fierce gunfight involving the shotgun, rifle and pistols, the inventory of jailbirds was shipped over to the funeral parlor for burial.....

What Do You Mean My Deck Has Five Aces???

The Duplin Kid was playing a (Less than friendly) game of Poker with Slic Vic, Wild Bill, Golden Spike and Silverado. The Kid had just won the pot with a hand of four aces when Slic Vic accused him of dealing off the bottom of the deck (because Vic had one Ace in his hand). The Kid pulled the biggest silver revolver anybody had ever seen and yelled, "What do you mean my deck has five aces, I've got your five aces right here". With that the Kid emptied the pistol into Vic who was going for his derringer. Everybody at the table went for their guns and when the smoke cleared the Kid collected his winnings (as nobody else at the table had any further need for money) because you know what they say "You can't take it with you".....

Everybody had a good time at the October posse--we had a few new shooters--that's always good. Barb Wire was the only Cowgirl in attendance--she came to shoot but was pressed into service as scorekeeper as Doc Clock, the resident scorekeeper was still in jail for drunk and disorderly conduct. Thanks again to Barb Wire. As always there was equipment traded around so everyone had everything needed to shoot so if you want to come out and play with us come on out with what you've got and we'll try to help with the rest. Order of finish was as follows:

Flight One: Dick W. Holliday (Proof that you can miss fast enough to win); Gunsmoke (only 9.99 Seconds behind Holliday) Damn that was close; Slic Vic; Duplin Kid; Friendly Fred (Claims he works as field rep for National Rifle Assn) by the way-he shot the whole match with no misses.

Flight Two: Deacon Dave Wild Bill (Pretty good for his first match with all borrowed stuff), Golden Spike Silverado

Seniors: Pard Pickett (Pretty good for an old guy) also finished fourth overall; Idaho Spud

Thanks to everyone who participated and also those who came to watch. The next match is Saturday November 24th at 9:00 am. We still need some young shooters so bring out Little Johnny or Suzie and let them shoot. I'm going to close with the words of that old cowboy---Take a kid shooting.........Louie LaManure